A More Personal Approach

A More Personal Approach

Apr 23, 2019

As the new Training Manager here at Highpoint, having started in January this year, part of my focus has been looking at how we can spread the word about the  excellent Business World Super User training courses that Highpoint, as Unit4’s strategic partner, has to offer.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a great team of trainers and developers,  a professional and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about their quality and delivery.  Their focus on giving customers a better experience every time is what has impressed me so much.  Having worked for much larger organisations, working now for a small organisation where there is much more focus on the personal touch has shown me just how better equipped we are to maintain a people-centred approach with our customers.  It means we can respond quicker, be more flexible, listen properly to our customers needs, build strong professional relationships.  We pride ourselves on quality and professional standards of delivery with the personal touch, a combination which means it’s fun to work with our customers, our flexibility and commitment to our customers means we can work around our customers requirements, not be constrained by lengthy process and procedure that all too often can end up pushing budgets up and pushing project deadlines out.  With Highpoint I’ve observed how a small organisation is naturally more agile and dynamic and how fun it is to work in an environment like that!

We have a huge variety of training options available, from totally bespoke, through public classroom courses, to self-paced training manuals and membership of our online service – the Knowledge Hub. We are pretty confident we have something to suit your needs and your budget.
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Looking for something different? We have just launched three new courses on Advanced Excelerator, SQL for Excelerator, and Advanced System Admin. Find out more here.

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