Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology is designed to make the implementation of your ERP solution easier. However, time commitments or other constraints may mean that some additional help may be required. To address this we have developed our Assisted Build (AB) service that enables you to pick and choose the type of support you need for your project. This could be a little as an hour or as much as you need.
For example, you may have decided to undertake the project yourself, but just need support in better understanding the process and also data migration. Within our AB service, you can purchase 3 hours project scoping and planning and 2 days data migration consultancy. You would retain control of your project, our role would be to assist you in its delivery.
Our AB service can be tailored to meet your needs and budget.
What does this cost?
The cost will vary depending upon the amount of support your project requires. However, a typical project
might require 2 days to be delivered over the duration of your project, cost £1,900 excluding VAT and expenses and might include:

Project Planning: 1/2 day

Setup: 1/2 day

Data Migration: 1 day

Project Planning:

We will help demystying your project, helping with the scope, plan and other control documents you will need.

Project Initiation Document – this contains the project objectives and governance.
Project Plan
Risk Register
Issues Log

Help to ensure that tasks are undertaken in the correct order and ad-hoc support as required.

Data migration:

Work with you ensure that your data migration plan is sensible and that you have all the data load templates you require.

The Business Case
In deciding whether or not to proceed with Highpoint, let’s consider the costs and outcomes of you and your team ``going it alone``. Assuming that ERP is not your forte, you and your team will have to get to grips with the software and the implementation methodology. Whilst all of this information is available to you, it is time-consuming and you will have a number of false starts and misdirection’s along the way.
Our business case enables you to compare the costs of undertaking the project yourself against the costs you would incur if you appointed us to do the work with you. In preparing this we have made the following assumptions: Based upon a company ABC Ltd with a turnover of £1m and 9 employees. Working hours per annum: 2080 (excludes holidays etc), Income created per hour: £58, Project will take you 367 hours to complete, Highpoint costs: £1,900,
If you were to undertake the project without our assistance, you would consume 367 hours and forgo £19,451 potential income which represents the cost of going it alone. By appointing Highpoint, we expect to reduce the learning curve effect freeing up at least 105 hours, yielding a potential income of £5,649. You will still forgo 263 hours and our costs will be £1,900. However, by appointing us, the net cost of the project is reduced from £19,451 to £10,206 (being the cost of your project time £13,955,66, plus our cost £1,900, less potential income £5,649), a reduction of 48%.