FE Your Way – Unit4 Business World Implementation

Highpoint’s Further Education Value Accelerator
Easy to use, quick to implement, low cost, high in value

FE Your Way

Highpoint and Unit4 have joined forces to offer a brand new implementation process. The new method is for the Further Education sector. Highpoint has created an FE Value Accelerator specific to the FE sector. It proves to be time-saving and cost effective. Highpoint’s Unit4 Business World implementation method includes a defined FE Value Accelerator. Underpinned by excellent knowledge transfer, dynamic documentation and agile project management. Knowledge transfer is fundamental, enabling customers to take part in the build. Thus better maintain and develop their solution post go-live.


FE Your way is easy to use, quick to install, low in cost and high in value.


Quick to implement


Easy to use


Low in cost

What our new solution offers

With increased government pressure, area reviews and funding changes, you need a partner who understands Further Education

Agile and adaptable architecture

  • Easily respond to the constant changes in the industry
  • Supports your shared and own services
  • Future-proofing your institution so you’re always ready for next big thing

A low cost, high value solution

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Clear and realistic planning, which exceeds expectations
  • Faster time to value, so you’re not wasting valuable time

Reliable and repeatable models

  • Clear establishment of what’s possible from the outset
  • Implementation methodology that focuses on knowledge transfer
  • Facilitated build, specifically designed for the FE sector

Increased value for staff and students

  • Ensure early engagement with students and stay on top of their development
  • Improved user experience, both for staff and students
  • Enhanced post-implementation support to make sure you get the most from the solution

Power to you and your students

  • Easy to use for students and staff
  • 360-degree overview of the whole student lifecycle
  • Access to the latest technology in the FE sector

How we work with you?

We understand the need for early engagement, clear expectation setting and realistic project planning to provide a successful and repeatable model for the FE sector. Unit4 and Highpoint have developed a unique implementation methodology to deliver on three needs

Highpoint has designed an FE value accelerator that combines the best of Business World On! functionality with specific FE college requirements. Instead of starting from scratch, we now offer a facilitated build in tandem with your processes.

The implementation methodology is underpinned by continuous knowledge transfer, dynamic documentation and improved customer experience to empower the staff as users of the software, giving you the knowledge and tools to make the most of your solution to future-proof your institution. Unit4 and Highpoint’s FE value accelerator is easy to use, quick to implement, low in cost and high in value.

How we deliver

To ensure you get a solution that’s perfect for your institution, the FE Your Way value accelerator focuses on four key areas to empower you and your institution



Facilitated build with a focus on knowledge transfer, so you stay in control


Easily adaptable solution that changes with your institution, so you can keep up with changes



The ecosystem delivery model allows you to choose what best suits your needs, so you get the perfect fit


Cloud delivery means you always have access and are always up-to-date, and it lowers the overall costs