Dudley College
Implementation of Unit4 Business World

About Dudley College

Dudley College of Technology has recently been awarded Ofsted’s prestigious ‘Outstanding’ rating. The College has played a pivotal role in the provision of vocational and technical education in Dudley borough and the wider Black Country for over 150 years

About Highpoint

Highpoint Services is an independent firm of Unit4 Business World specialists. It provides solution design, implementation consultancy, training and project management services. Highpoint is proud to be the FE Your Way Partner of choice and the Strategic Training Partner for UK and Ireland.

About Unit4

Unit4 provides student management, ERP and research management solutions to over 1000 Colleges and Universities globally to help them accelerate growth, boost student success, improve institutional effectiveness and deliver research excellence

Project Description

The College’s legacy system needed to be updated. Working in a constantly changing sector, the College recognised the need for software that could adapt to ever changing needs. With this in mind, the college chose Unit4 Business World On! which would be implemented using the FE Value Accelerator developed by Highpoint.

Project Objectives

• Provide improved financial reporting, including dashboard reporting that is up-to-date, real time where appropriate and consistent so that there is always “one version of the truth”.

• Provide effective and easily obtainable management reports to facilitate effective financial control throughout the organisation.

• Enable staff to provide support more effectively to management. Utilise the solution to release employees from a repetitive administration.

• Wherever possible ensure information is only entered once into the system.

• Implement a system and associated processes that are flexible and able to change according to organisational and sector needs.

• Implement technology that has the potential to underpin a shared service environment.

• Implement a system that allows for multi-currency to meet the needs of the College’s international work.

• Increase the effectiveness of working practices through technology and tools such as workflow and alerts.

• Achieve a sufficient level of knowledge transfer to enable the college to operate largely independently once go-live is achieved.

Overcoming Challenges

Time restrictions and the need for key College staff to perform their normal day jobs were two of the biggest challenges the project faced. However this was overcome by excellent communication between all teams, QuickThink Cloud, who hosted the software were very efficient and supportive during the installation of the software. Highpoint was flexible in their methodology approach.

Why Dudley Chose Highpoint

Highpoint’s knowledge transfer approach

Proven Unit4 Business World related knowledge base.

Approved Unit4 Training & Consultancy Partner.

Flexible implementation methodology.

“We have been very happy with the work done and the relationship built with Highpoint, and look forward to working with them on future endeavours.” – Andrew Woodford

The FE Value Accelerator

From the huge success of the Dudley College implementation, Unit4 and Highpoint decided to join forces and use this methodology to benefit more Colleges. The ‘FE Your Way’ campaign was launched summer 2016 and has been going from strength to strength. Using Highpoint’s specific FE Value Accelerator and knowledge transfer, Colleges are implementing their new software quickly and within budget. They are taking control of their software with the knowledge transfer giving them more insight into what the software can do for their college. This has all stemmed from the success of the Dudley College project.

Quote Dudley College

“Highpoint have been excellent. They have been flexible and understanding as our needs have developed through the project. Project management from Highpoint is very thorough. The consultants (Martin and Eleonore) are both extremely knowledgeable about the software and have both been friendly and supportive – which has enabled the success of the project.” – Andrew Woodford Management Accountant

Quote Highpoint

“The Dudley team were great to work with and very knowledgeable. The project enabled us to further refine our FE offering, not only to develop our FE Value Accelerator, but also to implement and refine our purpose designed Agile FE Implementation Methodology. The project was delivered within timescales and budget. As always our technical partners QTC delivered a first rate platform to deliver our training as well as installing the Business World software on the in house servers. Our partnership with Dudley College continues to flourish as a result of the great success of the project.” – Rob Tiley Portfolio Manager

Quote Unit4

“Customers in FE were in need of a solution that was FE specific, affordable, reliable, and adaptive to change. Business World On! is a scalable solution that provides the right balance between functionality, FE core requirements and effective implementation. The implementation approach Highpoint services took to Dudley College, based on quick implementation, sprint methodology was impressive. Its train-the-trainer methodology, where staff were empowered as advocates of Business World On! by effective knowledge transfer, is particularly effective. This deal was the start of our ‘FE Your Way’ approach which has continued to develop and grow. We have not looked back and have taken this successful template to other colleges in the FE Sector” – –Matt Searles, Education Sales Director, Unit4