Gateshead Council
Implementation of Unit4 Business World

About Gateshead Council

The Borough of Gateshead is split into 22 wards, each with three councillors elected by local people. The Council employs approximately 5000 people to provide hundreds of essential services to a population of around 201,000.

About Highpoint

Highpoint Services is an independent firm of Unit4 Business World specialists. We provide solution design, implementation consultancy, training and project management services. Highpoint is proud to be the only Unit4 Training Partner in the UK and approved Unit4 Consulting Partner.

About QuickThink Cloud

QuickThink Cloud offers instant results to its partners and customers, providing both expert and cost effective Unit4 Business World Cloud Hosting, Managed Service Delivery, Technical Support and Technical Consultancy

Project Description

Gateshead Council offers a wide range of specialist Unit4 Business World services to maintained schools. They were looking to create an Unit4 Business World template for the independent academies. The template needed to be built with flexibility in mind, this would allow the academies to decide on the service level agreement with Gateshead and how much support they wanted. The template would streamline back office finance functions. This would save both time and money for each academy.

Project Objectives

• The creation of a template academy client built on the latest version of Unit4 Business World that can be rolled out with minimal customisation as new academies or clients come on board.

• Lower cost system and hardware support and maintenance.

• Deployment of backup solutions to ensure data is monitored and protected at all times.

• Disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements managed by an appointed third party provider, with overall responsibility for the management and maintenance of client data at separate data centre locations.

• Increased income potential from external trading.

• The Gateshead Council project team to provide users with first line application and technical support and utilise trained Unit4 Business World experts for hosting, second and third line support in addition to one–off project implementation and training support to enable maximum knowledge transfer within the Gateshead Team.

Overcoming Challenges

Gateshead Council had limited time to complete the build of the academy templates. Highpoint provided the Gateshead project team with key skills, resources and knowledge transfer required to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of the template. The delivery of a secure, high-performance cloud environment in such an aggressive timescale is always challenging. However, QuickThink Cloud’s proven track record for rapid cloud deployments ensured that the platform was available to the project teams from day one. QTC communication and problem solving throughout the project helped ensure the project was delivered on timed and within budget.

Why Gateshead Chose Highpoint

Customer focus, care and quality.

Proven Unit4 Business World related knowledge base.

Approved Unit4 Training & Consultancy Partner.

Value for money.

Flexible consultancy.

“The consultant allocated to us genuinely felt part of the Project Team, sharing knowledge and new ideas, but also listened and appreciated the knowledge base of the established Gateshead team as well as their local and customer knowledge.”

Project Summary 10/10 Success

The project was a huge success with all teams working together efficiently, to fulfil the Council’s vision, endorse its reputation and secure a foothold in the academy services market. Highpoint and QTC ’s support ensured the delivery of an error free, agile, flexible cloud-based Unit4 Business World self-service solution with maximum performance.

Quote Gateshead Council

“The professional credentials of both Highpoint and QTC are beyond question. Both Highpoint and QTC have demonstrated a superior level of customer care, service, knowledge, availability and reliability. This fully realised the project’s ambitions to secure a foothold in the academy services market ensuring the delivery of an error free, agile, flexible cloud-based Unit4 Business World self-service solution with optimum system performance. Crucially, Highpoint and QTC delivered.” David Johnson, Strategic Finance Manager

Quote Highpoint

“It was a pleasure to work with such a professional system administration team at Gateshead. With their Unit4 Business World accounting, and technical knowledge, it meant that they were focused on the solutions they wanted to provide their clients. Their thorough testing meant that Gateshead went live with their first client within 3 months without any issues, this was also because of the immediate responses and technical expertise provided by QTC, who were such an important part of the team. Documentation produced by the Gateshead team mean that they can build new clients quickly, knowing the differences that they can offer each Academy or multi Academy trust.” Tracey Henshall Senior Consultant

Quote QTC

“The Gateshead and Highpoint teams made life easy from a technical perspective. Our engineers and consultants ensured that the Enterprise Cloud Platform delivered the performance, security and reliability required by Gateshead, whilst the project teams worked diligently to design, build, test and implement a fantastic solution to their end-users. This effort (on the part of all the teams involved) ultimately secured the absolute success of the project.” Ian Witts Senior Technology Partner