You are probably not in business to implement Oracle NetSuite ERP, so why not let us do it for you?
Our Managed Build (MB) service will:
Save you time, that you can spend developing your business
Avoid pitfalls and traps
De-stress/risk the implementation
Deliver a better solution more quickly
Our MB service includes everything that is required to get you live on NetSuite as quickly as possible and includes: Project Management, Setup, Data Migration and Optimization consultancy, Change Management as well as training for all staff. In short, it will help you define, plan and deliver your project within your time and budgetary constraints.
What does this cost?
The cost will vary depending upon the amount of support your project requires. However, a typical project
might require 15 days to be delivered over four weeks, cost £14,250 excluding VAT and expenses and might include:

Project Planning: 1 day

Setup: 2 days
Additional apps: 1 day

Data Migration: 3 days


User and Roles: 1 day

Testing: 2 days
Training: 2 days

Go-Live Support: 3 days

Project Planning and Control:

We will help set up all the project planning and control documents required, including:

Project Initiation Document – this contains the project objectives and governance.
Project Plan
Risk Register
Issues Log

We will work with you to collate the information required to configure your solution and to undertake the initial setup of your solution.

Additional Apps:

We will help setup any SuiteApps that are required.

Data migration:

We will work with you to migrate, cleanse and load the data required.

Users and Roles:

We will setup all the users and roles required and adapt dashboards for those roles.


We will help with testing the solution.


User adoption is a key element of any implementation. We can provide training materials, tailored to your solution for your users.

The Business Case
In deciding whether or not to proceed with Highpoint, let’s consider the costs and outcomes of you and your team ``going it alone``. Assuming that ERP is not your forte, you and your team will have to get to grips with the software and the implementation methodology. Whilst all of this information is available to you, it is time-consuming and you will have a number of false starts and misdirection’s along the way.
Our business case enables you to compare the costs of undertaking the project yourself against the costs you would incur if you appointed us to do the work for you. In preparing this we have made the following assumptions.
Based upon a company ABC Ltd with a turnover of £1m and 9 employees. Working hours per annum: 2080 (excludes holidays etc), Income created per hour: £53, Project will take you 367 hours to complete, Highpoint costs: £14,250. Your hours are either income generating or used to deliver the project.
We have identified that we would need 105 hours to complete your project. If you were to do this yourself, we estimate that this would take you 367 hours (Learning Curve 3:5). This would lead to a potential loss of revenue of £19,605.
By appointing us, the time you spend on the project will be reduced to 40 hours, meaning that you have freed up 323 hours for income generation. This would produce an income of £17,468. You will forego £2,137 by working 40 hours on the project and our costs will be £14,250 to give you a potential net income of £1,081.
Our conclusion, is that by utilising us to undertake your project, this would free up your time for income generation and is the most cost-effective proposition.