An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution brings everything you need to manage the resources of your organisation together into a single solution that will enable you to:
Manage your accounts
Manage your people
Manage your projects
Manage your fixed assets
Manage your inventory
Manage your procurement
Manage your sales
ERP sits within the Business Management Software category and is a single, integrated set of applications that are used to collect, store, manage and report upon the activities of a business. True ERP will have a single/common database maintained by a database management system.
NetSuite is one such ERP. Unlike most, It was 'born' in the cloud and provides an integrated system that operates in real-time, with a common database that supports all its application and has a consistent look and feel across all modules. Being cloud-based, you do not need any specialist servers or IT equipment or have to worry about software upgrades or complex deployment.