There is so much functionality available within NetSuite that it can be overwhelming to find the optimum configuration for your organisation. This is certainly something we can help with. This could just be a quick call or something more detailed.
For more detailed discussions, our first step is to arrange a workshop where our primary role will be just to listen to you and get an understanding of what it is you are trying to do. This could be changing NetSuite to work better for you, helping with User Adoption or simply helping map your business to the leading practices. Whatever the issue, our mission is to help you maximise the benefits you get by using NetSuite.
Before we undertake any work, we will provide a detailed proposal, listing the statement of works and the benefits we are going to deliver. This will include the price, milestones, timescale and any other project considerations as required. We will ask you to agree this before we proceed.
Knowledge transfer is an important part of what we deliver as is documentation. These will be key elements to any project we undertake. Where appropraite, we will expect you to test anything we deliver before we make them live. This is not just best practice, but is also important for effective change management.