Oracle Netsuite Implementation

We know how to make your project painless
Easy to use, quick to implement, low cost, high in value

Oracle Netsuite

Highpoint and Oracle NetSuite have joined forces to bring you a smooth implementation process. Oracle is designed to get maximum value in minimum time, and you can add more capabilities at any time. Highpoint has years of experience with helping complex organisations implement ERP quickly and painlessly, and then look for opportunities to build greater value. This keeps your project smaller, lower in risk, and less impact on business as usual. Oracle NetSuite was built for this approach.

We are also experts in knowledge transfer and building end-user confidence. This means your core finance team know how to maintain your system and the integrity of your financials, and your users are confident, productive, and can focus their time on the work that really counts.


Oracle Netsuite is easy to use, quick to install, low in cost and high in value. Highpoint’s approach makes this work for your organisation.


Quick to implement


Easy to use


Low in cost

What our approach brings

Agile and adaptable architecture

  • Easily respond to the constant changes in the industry
  • Supports your shared and own services
  • Future-proofing your institution so you’re always ready for next big thing

A low cost, high value solution

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Clear and realistic planning, which exceeds expectations
  • Faster time to value, so you’re not wasting valuable time

Reliable and repeatable models

  • Clear establishment of what’s possible from the outset
  • Implementation methodology that focuses on knowledge transfer
  • Our sector knowledge gets straightto the point

Increased value for staff and customers

  • Ensure staff know how their roles will be impacted
  • Show them how they can save time on common tasks
  • Empower customers with self service features

Maximise value

  • Getting the solution implemented is only part of the job
  • Use training to help staff get the most out of all features
  • Use complementary services like our remote  System Admin to free up your staff 

How we work with you?

We understand the need for early engagement, clear expectation setting and realistic project planning to provide a successful and repeatable model specific to your sector.

Highpoint uses sector knowledge and templated models to accelerate the project

The implementation methodology is underpinned by continuous knowledge transfer, dynamic documentation and improved customer experience to empower the staff as users of the software, giving you the knowledge and tools to make the most of your solution to future-proof your organisation.

How we deliver

Our approach focuses on four key areas to empower you and your organisation



Facilitated build with a focus on knowledge transfer, so you stay in control


Easily adaptable solution that changes with your institution, so you can keep up with changes


The ecosystem delivery model allows you to choose what best suits your needs, so you get the perfect fit


Cloud delivery means you always have access and are always up-to-date, and it lowers the overall costs