Remote System Administration Service

System Administration Service

  • Having trouble administering your Unit4 Business World solution?
  • Can’t get the budget for another FTE?
  • Struggling to cope with the peaks and troughs of demand?
  • Experiencing a reduction in service levels due to staff illness or recruitment issues?

Highpoint’s Remote System Administration Service takes the strain.

What is it?


A pay as you go service, with a minimum monthly commitment. Pay for what need.


Support for your existing team (smoothing out the peaks and troughs)


scales from a few hours per month to augment your team, up to a fully outsourced Unit4 Business World System Administration service

What Does it Cost?

The service will be priced to suit your specific needs.

Prices from £85 an hour for a basic service, minimum 5 hours per month.

What sort of tasks are covered?

The service can be tailored to your needs, to fill the gaps you have, so it is not prescriptive, and can adjust over time.

Example Admin tasks

Creating and managing users
Managing Roles
Data Control
Monthly system health check
Creating and managing system alerts, events, queues, background processes
Liaising with in-house or outsourced IT for backups and restores, business continuity, and system maintenance
Creating simple reports on demand
Managing and Maintaining Workflow

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