This is a common reason for organisations to be looking to change. If this is the case for you, then it is important that your new solution is scalable and will facilitate the growth of your business. After all, you don’t want to be here again in a few years’ time.
We believe that Oracle NetSuite Financials First could be the scalable solution you are seeking. Financials First is available in 3 editions: Starter, Standard and Premium. The move up from one edition to the next is simple. You just need to decide which version best suits your needs.
Furthermore, there are numerous apps that can be added to expand the functionality of the solution. One such app is the Bank Feeds App. This links your NetSuite solution to your bank accounts and automatically pulls down the new transactions and balances every day, automatically.
Financials First allows multiple subsidiaries and handles elimination transactions to facilitate accurate consolidation reporting.
All editions support multi-currency transactions; however, your account can be One World enabled which will facilitate local taxation nexuses to be applied in the territories in which you operate.

You may find the following infographic useful when reviewing your ERP options.