Sandwell College
Implementation of Unit4 Business World

About Sandwell College

Sandwell College is a landmark for the development of education and training in the Black Country and Birmingham. Sandwell College boasts ranking 12th in the country for success and the best College in the West Midlands.

About Highpoint

Highpoint Services is an independent firm of Unit4 Business World specialists. We provide solution design, implementation consultancy, training and project management services. Highpoint is proud to be the FE Your Way Partner of choice and the Strategic Training Partner for UK and Ireland.

About Unit4

Unit4 provides student management, ERP and research management solutions to over 1000 Colleges and Universities globally to help them accelerate growth, boost student success, improve institutional effectiveness and deliver research excellence.

Project Description

Sandwell College were transferring their accounts system from QL to Unit4 Business World. The Implementation of Unit4 Business World Financials was based on the Highpoint FE Your Way Value Accelerator. The project involved the implementation of the following process areas:

• Record to Report

• Sales to Cash

• Procure to Pay

• Planner (Budgeting)

• Fixed Assets

Project Objectives

• Provide knowledge transfer to the College enabling the College to be largely self-sufficient in the build and on-going maintenance of the system.

• Improved processes to be adopted throughout the organisation.

• Staff to become experts in their respective area and able to focus on providing support and advice without needing to undertake repetitive tasks.

• Go-live with the deadline provided by Sandwell College.

• Implementation of fixed assets, GL, AP, AR ordering and receipting with system structures in place to allow approval within the College financial regulations.

• Full data migration of all 2016-17 financial data.

Overcoming Challenges

Time constraints and the need for staff to perform their normal day jobs were two of the biggest challenges the project faced. But with effective communication these were overcome. Another major challenge was development testing and revision of the system. This was a bigger task than initially thought and held the project development back. Once the scale of testing and requirement was understood the project progressed well.

Why Sandwell Chose Highpoint

Highpoint’s knowledge transfer approach

Proven Unit4 Business World related knowledge base.

Approved Unit4 Training & Consultancy Partner.

Flexible implementation methodology.

“Eleonore Tiley has shown herself to be a very competent and knowledgeable project/implementation manager and is a credit to Highpoint.” – Chris Gallen, Finance Manager

Project Successes

The implementation of Unit4 Business World On! was a huge success, with main objectives Sandwell College put forward being achieved. The FE Your Way implementation methodology ensured that the project was delivered on time and within budget. The teams at Sandwell College and Highpoint worked very well together with open communication playing a major part to the success.

Quote Sandwell College

“The system was implemented on time and with all data migrated. This was down to good communication between Highpoint and Sandwell and agreement on actions to be taken. A successful joint venture for both Sandwell College and Highpoint which was mutually beneficial for both parties.” – Chris Gallen, Finance Manager

Quote Highpoint

“The project was started in October 2016 and Sandwell went operationally live with the system in May 2017. The Sandwell team were great to work with, well managed and organised. The joint Highpoint and Sandwell team rose to all the typical project challenges and worked effectively to ensure a successful outcome to the project. The project close exercise was completed in a very positive fashion with the two organisations agreeing to work jointly together in the future. Sandwell were a pleasure to work with and continue to be a very valued Highpoint customer.” – Rob Tiley, Portfolio Manager