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The Unit4 Business World Knowledge Hub!

The Knowledge Hub is your online Unit4 Business World companion. Whether you are building or testing the system, want to use it more effectively (or help your users to), or discover new features, the knowledge hub is jam-packed with learning resources to help you.


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Customer Feedback

We are incredibly excited about this knowledge hub and are looking forward to seeing it develop into a useful tool for us.

The Knowledge Hub is clearly laid out, easy to navigate with fantastically well presented materials. This is in line with what I have come to expect from Highpoint, I’m sure the live version will be outstanding.

It’s great for end users who just use it once a month to log requisitions and need reminding of how to navigate the system, no fuss, no hassle, just search and find out how to do it in no time

The search is great, helps you find what you are looking for effortlessly in the knowledge hub