Unit4 Business World Training

Unit4 Business World Training

Highpoint are the only Unit4 Business World Strategic Training Partners in the UK and Ireland. Our training is developed and delivered in partnership with Unit4 Training Services. We will equip your staff with the knowledge to give you the best return on investment of software. From the build through to end-user training. Highpoint has tried and tested Unit4 Business World (previously Agresso) training techniques. We have a wide range of Business World training services to suit different objectives and budgets.

Super User

Our new Super User Courses are built upon previous training offered by Unit4 and Highpoint but has been revised, re-focussed and updated for Business World and is entirely consistent with the latest Unit4 implementation methodology.


Highpoint design and develop custom eLearning specifically for your organisation’s needs. Our eLearning is based on a practical approach to ensure the training is engaging and leads to successful knowledge transfer. We work closely with our clients to create effective training solutions!


Familiarisation training is at the beginning of the project, before the Unit4 workshops. It equips delegates with ample information about how Unit4 Business World (Agresso) works from the outset. This means that the delegates can contribute to the solution design process for their company.


This Unit4 Business World training takes place at the finalisation of the Solution Design Documents (SDDs). This training is given to members of the build team only. The training can be face-to-face class room, or via our self-teach manuals. Both are practical, following a step-by-step task list and clear instructions from our manuals.


User acceptance testing (UAT) is the last and very important step of the software testing cycle. UAT is where actual software users test the software to make sure it can handle tasks in real-world scenarios, according to organisations specifications. . . .

End User Training

If your employees understand the Business World system they will be more productive. Highpoint will motivate and inspire you employees, and show your team the full extent of how this new software can benefit them in their job. Knowledge is power and training will ensure the return of investment on your software. We offer a wide range of end-user training to suit all needs and budgets. Including face-to-face classroom, eLearning or train the trainer.

I was really pleased with the quality of work that Highpoint delivered. We had a great working relationship throughout (from initial scoping to material delivery).  During the development of the material there was always a resource available to make amendments if necessary.
Owen Jones

eLearning project 2016, Hoople Ltd

Highpoint dealt with two areas of the implementation; training the users both through face to face sessions and writing e-learning materials. Throughout the time, the Highpoint consultants demonstrated both strong commitment to the task and good humour. I would be happy to work with Highpoint on future projects as I have confidence in the abilities of their staff.
Nic Robinson

Training and eLearning 2015, Natural Resources Wales