Build Training

Learn How to Build Your System

Is Your Organisation Implementing or Upgrading Unit4 Business World?

Highpoint’s Unit4 Business World (previously Agresso) Build training is crucial if you are implementing any of the modules. Our Unit4 Business World Build Training enables you and your team to navigate the system. It will teach you how to build the system and to fit your organisational needs. The training will let you understand exactly what Unit4 Business World can do for your organisation – all in just a few days. The training is very practical. The delegates will be given a prototype of the system to work on, therefore building live versions of modules. They will have step-by-step instruction manuals and also a task list to tick off steps. All led by one of our expert trainers.


What do the Courses Cover?

Course one Foundation Build Training
Course two Finance Build Training
Course three HR & Payroll Build Training
Course four Utility Build Training

Highpoint has carefully structured four Unit4 Business World training courses, covering different modules of Unit4 Business World.

Who is Build Training For?

Highpoint Unit4 Business World Build training is perfect for:


Organisations who have just purchased any of the Unit4 Business World modules. Who are moving forward to the build phase of the project.


New members of an existing build team, to quickly up-skill.


Consultants looking to consolidate their knowledge and experience


Refreshers training for build team members who are now live and looking to improve their current build.