Business World Familiarisation Training

Learn the Capabilities of Unit4 Business World

Learn the Capabilities of Unit4 Business World

Business World familiarisation training comes at the beginning of the project, before the Unit4 workshops. It equips delegates with ample information about how Unit4 Business World works from the outset. This means that the delegates can contribute to the solution design process for their company. The audience for these courses will be system builders and users or managers who are contributing to the solution design.

At Highpoint our approach to project team training is pragmatic. We provide Unit4 Business World courses that are relevant, practical, and engaging. We deliver training in two smaller interventions – “how to use it” and “how to build it” – as opposed to one large session. We have termed this approach Familiarisation and Build training.

This is our vision for our training program:


Download the Familiarisation Course Catalogue

Our full Unit4 Business World familiarisation catalogue contains in-depth detail about the course contents, how to identify who should attend, and how to plan the time needed.

Familiarisation Catalogue

Who Are These Courses For?

Delivering Business World familiarisation training before Unit4 workshops are beneficial for those creating the SDD. Once the SDD is complete the project moves into the Build phase.


System Builders


Managers who are contributing to the solution design


System Users

Attendees Feedback

The course flowed better than other courses I have attended

Practical, pragmatic and relevant

Made a very dull topic interesting