Highpoint is a professional services organisation that delivers ERP project globally. We have a distributed team that needs to collaborate remotely to deliver projects for our Clients.

We therefore needed a system that supports remote working for all our people. This has never been more true with the global pandemic of 2020 where working from home for most of us became the new norm.

Oracle NetSuite was built for the cloud and has this requirement covered. It is available 24/7 on any platform (desktop, tablet, phone) and being true SaaS it is versionless. All customers are on the same release and we don’t have to worry about upgrades, servers, networks or system down-time.

Being a small team, we needed a solution that would support us and heelp us ‘feel in control’. NetSuite does this by automating routine tasks like loading bank statements and reconciling our bank accounts, inteligent use of leading practices that provide a robust framework that helps us drive our business. Having a system that provides real time information, that feels right gives confidence to our team and enables us to focus on delivering successful projects to our Customers.

Whilst our team are perhaps more tech savvy than most, we wanted a solution that was user friendly, easy to implement and would deliver tangible benefits quickly. We used the stairway approach recommended by NetSuite to implement CRM first. This was quick and easy, even the data migration (once we had mastered the NetSuite requirements) was relatively straightforward. All of a sudden we were talking leads, opportunities, prospects and customers and sharing information in a way that was not possible previously.

Our next phase was to implement Projects such that our people could complete timesheets and we could utilise the billing routines available to ensure the accuracy of our invoicing. Again, this was straightforward, with a little help from the excellent NetSuite APS team. We are now implementing resource planning to complete our Project setup for the time being.

We have setup a multi-subsidiary, multi-currency implementation adopting UK specific functions such as bank feeds and making tax digital and other integrations that mean that NetSuite is now the core solution for our business and one which we will continue to expand and improve to ensure that we spend more time with our Customers.